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D.N. McCullough

Artist Unknown


It's WET time again!

Well, I finally decided on two images for this week's WET.  My decision was partially influenced by the large number of new people who have joined us recently (welcome again!) that might be feeling a little too intimidated or shy to get in on the WET fun.  Don't be!  While I feel these images are challenging enough for the seasoned creators we are blessed to have here in the OE5 NG, these images are great for newcomers to get a "baseline" start at creating stationery.  I'm hoping these will allow you to have more fun with the scripts you'll be putting them in & start getting a feel as to how/why these scripts work the way they do.

WETgothic.jpg  -  I found this one on a fantasy website & fell in love with it instantly.  It has great depth & the colors are so vibrant!  Created by D.N. McGullaugh.

WETjack.jpg/gif  -  A flying jack I captured with Hypersnap from a 3dfx (glide) screensaver I have on my system.  The darn thing moves so fast it took a while to capture it in this exact position!  Its a wonderful 3D geometric shape.  I can't wait to see what everyone does with this one.  For those who might be new at this or aren't very familiar with transparent GIFs, I've attached this same image in GIF form (transparent background) which I've already optimized for filesize & image quality to help you get started. [note: only the gif version is archived - sven]

Well, I hope everyone enjoys this week's WET images & if you don't, please don't hate me!  It's my first time as WETmaster, OK?   LOL

Thanks again, Jilly, for passing me the torch!  Now, let's all get WET !!!