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I'm hoping everybody will enjoy working with [the images]

Plus a couple of quotations that relate to the present world situation.  Here they are.  The first one is sorta long <blush>.  But just try to absorb the sense of it to inspire your creativity......

    If anyone is truly seeking a solution to the problem in the Balkans,
    then that problem has to be approached and addressed
    on a higher level of consciousness than the old low level
    of domination and aggression consciousness
    at which it was created.
    To me, peace is much more than the simple cessation of fighting.   
    Every conflict contains within itself the seeds of a win-win solution
    that will eventually become apparent
    if the will exists to find such a win-win outcome.      
    Truth, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder,
    and it is much more complex
    than a simplistic view that there are good guys and bad guys.   
    The essence of Western-Hemisphere thought
    for at least the last two thousand years
    has been to judge things on an either-or basis.
    We have grown accustomed to linear thinking,
    in which things are simplistically judged
    to be either good or bad,
    either "black" or "white."      
    I would like to suggest that reality is better represented
    with a broader, more encompassing, wholistic model
    in which the old notions of good and bad
    as well as everything in between
    are encompassed to various degrees at the same time.      
    For this view to prevail, our human culture would need to mature,
    in much the same way that an infant matures
    by integrating the simple-minded notions
    of a "good mother" and a "bad mother" 
    into a larger, more realistic whole.


and this one, too

Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe.
But maybe, by raising my voice, I can help in the greatest
of all causes --goodwill among men and peace on earth.
   ---Albert Einstein, c 1920.

I would like to encourage everyone to express yourself as freely and creatively as you wish, inspired by these five things.  Your posts surely don't  have to include any of the five things, just be inspired BY them freely in any way at all.   For instance, I think immediately of the Billy Joel song about war--can't remember the name of it, but he talks about Viet-Nam, and you hear helicopters in the background and he mentions about him and Baker leaving their childhood on every acre.     

Probably I goofed by inserting these files again up there on top,  so if they come out double when you save them as attachments, please forgive. I guess I am just a belt-and-suspenders kinda gal at heart!!!    Hope you have fun with this WET!!!