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Let My Spirit Soar
Bev Doolittle

This week's WET.  As many of you know, I have had a long association with the U.S. Navy and with aviation.  Not as well known is that I have long been a serious admirer of the art that symbolizes spirituality and Native American history.  For many years, Tony Hillerman has been one of my favorite authors, writing often about the Navajo tribes and their search for beauty in all the things they do in life.  Among artists, I have long enjoyed Frederick Remington and more recently have come to appreciate the works of a young lady named Beverly Doolittle who has a penchant for capturing art in the outdoors and in the West.  One of her most recent works has entranced me for awhile and I thought it would make an excellent selection for this weekend, a week and season in which many of us are turning our thoughts to a spiritual theme.  For that reason (and just because I love the work), I've chosen a work entitled, "Let My Spirit Soar" by Mrs. Doolittle.  I hope you enjoy it and I apologize for the size of it, but I could not bring myself to compress it or cut it up before you had a chance to see it as it should be seen.

I look forward to seeing what your imagination and talents can produce from this image.  Thanks for the opportunity to select the work for this week.               Jim Pickering