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Christian Riese Lassen

Mona Lisa
Leonardo Da Vinci


Red X
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WEEKEND   THEME   -   March 18, 1999

What this Newsgroup Means To Me <bayonic>

First things first. I would like to apologize for the size of this WET. I thought I had to sacrifice file size for image quality so the images below are exactly as they appear on the CD-ROMs I took them from. I did not want to resize them or compress them so whoever uses them can have more freedom. I might have written a long post here but I honestly believe that music is a far better language so I just had to include a midi.


Harmony .... a High-Tech Harmony to be precise.   Not only in the sense that a good number of people from different backgrounds, different places , different age-brackets and different persuasions have gathered electronically together to unite in the common goal of making ' stationeries '... good, cutting-edge, brilliant and  free stationeries. ..... . but HARMONY in the created stationeries as well... The harmony of placing a graphic , a tiled background , a midi or a music file , scripts , text , fonts , lyrics , anything and everything that is technically possible into a preview pane or on the whole screen and using elements from both ART and SCIENCE  to display a work of beauty.  The image below speaks of this harmony and further extends it to the HARMONY of the universe. I chose this image primarily because there is " something here for everyone " and it because it reminds me of an old Crosby , Stills , Nash & Young tune that goes ....

" from the bottom of the ocean to the mountains on the moon .... .... .... we can change the world .... re-arrange the world ...... "

I took this from a Japan-issued CD-ROM but unfortunately I cannot read Japanese.

The artist name though is Christian Riese Lassen . He's from Hawaii but his paintings are very BIG IN JAPAN.

I am pretty sure many in this NG is familiar with this man's talent but for those who are not , here are two sites which you can visit for an introduction and more information.




Help ... a Helping Hand to be exact.  I found this NG when I was searching for OE stationeries to download and use. I found out right away that I could just forward a post ; change the contents and voila . . . . . a  message with a cool stationery that the recipient would THINK I MADE MYSELF   ...  But of course, it's not as simple as that. . . the midi got lost , the scrolling didn't work , etc. etc.  So I hang around but didn't have the guts to ask questions.  I didn't have to... other more courageous souls asked them and kind souls responded as meticulously , as patiently and as gently as they can.

I've been here for eight months now........ a certifiable stationery addict. 

I decided to include the image below because now .... I think I have the guts to ask the question that has bothered not only myself but historians, art critics, scientific experts, students  and the international general public for centuries now.


I hope the geniuses and artists in this group can do the world a favor and answer this question once and for all.

This image needs no introduction .  ' Mona Lisa ' painted in 1503 by Leonardo da Vinci on a piece of pine wood. It now hangs at the Louvre Museum near Paris , France. The graphic file was taken from the CD-ROM  ' Great Italian Paintings ' from DeAgostini Multimedia



Humor......Healthy Humor if I might add.  To balance the seriousness of ART and the rigidity of SCIENCE we need HUMOR.  My day always starts < or ends > bright and complete after I open a post of beauty and move on to the witty and wise-cracking replies. Or if I open a post with an innocent and misleading title and get blown away by the HUMOR in it ...

Unless it gets the X

X marks the spot. Trying to find out why a post gets the red X is like trying to search for hidden treasure.

X is also the unknown variable , the X factor. It is for those posts that may shock and surprise us but X is also a crossroad ; we have a choice on where to proceed.

I've been victimized by the red X before as I'm sure a lot of you so I thought I'd include the red X as a theme. There is no image above but you can use the red X for whatever purpose it may suit you ... Speaking for myself, if I find enough time to do a WET , the purpose would be REVENGE ....


H is also for Home.  A Home in cyberspace. But I couldn't get a good-quality graphic of my postage stamp -sized    flat here so I guess I'll have to pass on that one ..... <grin>


Well that's it.... This weekend theme... I apologize if I rambled on for far too long here. I also apologize if my selection do not please some of you. I will also like to apologize if I'm unable to do a WET post this weekend.  The pressure from the WET has gone but more pressure is expected to pile up from my job. Until I can find a way to make a living out of making stationeries , my job beckons....:-(

With that ... my hopes, wishes, prayers, visualizations, chants and meditations for the NG would be to let the HEALTHY HUMOR remain , let the HELPING  HANDS multiply and let HARMONY prevail.

all the best,