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The Farnsworth House
Architect:  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


The Farnsworth House
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

In 1951, one of the most illustrious architects of the twentieth century created this extraordinary residence for the love of his life, Edith Farnsworth.  Hovering over the flood plain of the Fox River, this structure of concrete and glass is the only residence in the United States built by van der Rohe. 

Unfortunately, as happens, the romance faded about the time of completion and the lovers became litigants in court over payment.

Well It's Party Time

I rented out the place for the weekend and we're gonna party!!!

Friday night is Mardi Gras and if Leather gets back, maybe she'll host the extravaganza.  Costumes are required and make em sassy girls

Sunday is a down south, rip roaring, Texas BarBQ, hosted by Alamo Jim. Lasoo your partners and get ready to Dosy Do

Saturday's plans are still up in the air cause I'm planning a ceremony, but haven't asked someone the question yet.  Watch this spot for future announcements 

Have fun with the image and Let's Party