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Sea Turtle
Deserted Island
Darrel Hook

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Freccia D'Oro
Jim Buckles


Happy Thanksgiving!

This searching on the net and books for a graphic to post... has opened my eyes to both new and old artists! I wanted to post only one graphic (The Perfect One!)  It was hard to find the perfect one...There is no perfect one. This selection should satisfy everyone's palettes (I hope) and are interchangeable.

1.) This is a coloring page from the Artist Wyland. I thought it would be fun to see the different variations that came of this! I posted an example I tried to do. I used the Flood Fill Tool in PSP5 selected an area and filled it with a Gradient color. In PSP5 when you use the flood fill tool, remeber to have your match mode on anything other than none, or the whole picture will fill in.You could fill it with another graphic or use the different paint textures...the possibilities are endless! If you have kids...print it out and have them color it.


Length: 5 feet (1.5 m) Weight: 850 Ibs. (375 kg)

The sea turtle is a reptile that swims very deep into the ocean. Sea turtles must go to the surface frequently for air. Humans have damaged the population of sea turtles because they are hunted for meat, shells and their eggs. The green sea turtle uses its fins like a bird to move through the ocean.

Ocean pollution is the biggest problem facing turtles and all life in our oceans.

2.)This next graphic is by the artist Darrel Hook. I loved the big leaves in this one, it's very warm and tropical! It makes me want to take all my clothes off and lay on that deserted Island back there! (At least I THINK it's deserted!)

As you can see, I love the Ocean...but I live in the Mid-West! <G>

3.) This is Freccia D'Oro by Jim Buckles...I suppose my backyard would look like this in my Dream House! This one also makes me want to take all my clothes off and lay by my secluded, private swimming pool where NO ONE can see me! LOL!

I really hoped I picked some useable graphics...I tried to think of what I could do with it. I wanted something with more color, but allot of the great art I found was not clear enough to work with.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with....It will be the icing on the cake to relax this evening and the rest of the Weekend and enjoy viewing what wonderful things you all will do!

Remember, your only limited by your imagination! (Who said that?)


:0) Dominique