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Guardians of the Grail
Andrew Annenberg

The Guardian
Richard Fields


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Autumn Mistress
Karl Bang

Living Still Life
Salvadore Dali


This first of the WET images is called "Guardians of the Grail" by Andrew Annenberg.

I liked all the elements in it and thought it would make a fun image to play around with.


Fantasy images are popular here, so I had to include one in this week's WET. This one doesn't have dragons, wizards, or orbs, but it is fantasy and mythological nonetheless.  Will unicorns do? :))

This second WET image is by... guess who? LOL... Richard Fields.  It is called "The Guardian" and I just fell in love with it!

I liked the colors, the clouds.. it just seemed to call my name ..."cee... cee... WET.... WET...pick me ... pick me... "  I couldn't resist. LOL 


This one is by Karl Bang and is called "Autumn Mistress".  He had a winter and a spring one too... didn't see the summer. LOL

I thought it was appropriate to the season, and everyone seems to have enjoyed WET's with women in them. :)  This one is not R rated (sorry guys!!!!) but I thought it was pretty and had potential... I know you guys will come up with some amazing and creative work with this.


Well, here it is.  And not a single DOP! LOL

I guess I call this my main "THE" WET.  I never did say I was good at making decisions... LOL. 

But I think this is my favorite. 

Salvadore Dali has always fascinated me.. his paintings are so strange and compelling at the same time.

This is not the famous melting timepieces one, but I liked this because it had so many elements which could be jumping points for creating stationery and playing with graphics programs, filters, and the imagination.

I know this is large, but I couldn't bring myself to reduce it.... Feel free, of course, to do that when working with it.  Just wanted you to see what all the parts of the image looked like in full size (1030 x 811).  Hope I will be forgiven for this indulgence!!

Enjoy, and thanks again!

cee :)