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Jacques Marhey

Photo from a watch ad


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Inside Out
Daniel Merriam


Well, you all saw the rejects.  I had a real hard time with this...bottom line I couldn't decide on one to post.  So I'm posting the top three.  I was trying for something completely different and some of those rejects were, but I didn't think they had enough "meat" for you guys to play with.  So these are not as far from others we've seen before as I had originally planned.  Here they are!

#1 - This is a b&w photo from a Tag watch ad.  Thought we could use a b&w because it opens up the possibilities of adding color.  Many of  the other wets were modified by subtracting color .. reverse spin.  Plus I think this is  mind bending image.  Not a very good scan, maybe I'll try again.  All of these are sized to fit an 800 x 600 screen.  I can post larger more detailed images if you'd like. [This one's for you Steve]

#2.  Recent wets seemed to have included partial clothed females, and hey, who am I to break tradition.  This is spectacular on paper, full of detail, again seriously reduced to fit 800 x 600.  Couldn't find a title, but the "Time" theme is fairly obvious. I wanted a "non-rectangular" image, too.

3. This is my favorite, but so much in the same mood of last weeks that I am almost ashamed to be so derivative.  Take some time looking at this one, the detail is unbelievable.  I posted another one of his images as a reject.  This one is called "Inside Out" and the artist is Daniel Merriam.  By the way, extra credit for anyone who uses elements from all three together...<grin>

Hope you enjoy them all, or at  least one..... Thanks for letting me pick.

Curmudgeon - Bill B.

As far as passing the torch. I really haven't been keeping track of who's been "it" beyond the last couple of weeks.  Has anyone maintained a list?  I'm open to suggestions.