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Old Mackinac Point Light.


Well, I hope I'm just predictable enough that this is the type of image you expected from me for the WET. I really hope it's something you folks can work with. If not, please please throw it back to me and ask for another. If you love it, I'll take all the rave reviews you want to offer. :-O


Old Mackinac Point Light
Mackinaw City, Michigan

From 1892 to 1957 Old Mackinac Point's Fourth Order light guided ships making the difficult passage through the Straits of Mackinac. It also watched over a constant stream of car ferries shuttling to the Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island. In 1957, however, a bridge was built connecting the two parts of Michigan, and Old Mackinac Light became unnecessary.

Despite being inactive, this is a prime lighthouse to visit. The architectural style can only be described as "castle," and the location just east of the bridge is an ideal spot to watch sunsets.

The light is in a park, and there are several motels directly across the street. A mile or so away are the ferry docks to whisk you away to the very special Mackinac Island.