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Greetings Group!

This weekend's OE5 theme is all about YOU! 
Specifically, where in the world   you're from.

Tell us through your stationery about where you live.  It can be as focused as as your neighborhood or city, or expand to your province, state or country.  But make sure to tell us the geographic area so I can plot you on a wrapup map.

Anything here is are some ideas to get your brain cells going: 

What's the landscape like?  Do you have woods nearby?  I bet the leaves  are changing!   Got  mountains?  Water  or beaches...they look fun.  What's going on in that outback ?  Bet your have a park nearby...  A monument or  museum?  What about the city?  Could we recognize your famous skyline?  Tell us about your night life .   Might be state fair time!    You--Australia, what about the Olympics  ?   How about historical events  .   Was anyone famous from your town?   A legend?    What about the culture?  Tell us about your music, customs, dance, or dress .  What about your famous Cuisine,  or Delicious Beverages .

We are such an  international newsgroup...let's share our homelands!  If you can't find images exactly of your area , what portrays the character  of your location? 

Have fun,