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Ein Maskenball'
M. Kuzmanovic
Blue Crab
Artist Unknown

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Jim Buckles

Thank You John for passing the torch my way! I have been sooo busy lately that I'm not as active in making stationery as I used to be. But I love lurking in this newsgroup from time to time to see all the new stuff that everyone comes up with!

This is also an especially busy weekend for me. My daughter will be going through her First Holy Communion on Sunday and I have my Mother and 93 year old Grandfather coming to stay with us. We will have a big party afterwards...and of course all of you are invited! Then I pack...for we are all going to Florida for a much needed month long vacation...will be back July 1st! YEH! :0)

Blah Blah Blah...enough about me.
On to the WETS! Can't wait to see what your wonderful talent will do!

The following is a very cool picture:

 Singers perform on a giant stage on Lake Constance during a rehearsal of Giuseppe Verdi's opera 'Ein Maskenball' on July 15. The design of the stage in the lake shows 'Death' reading the book of life.

 The next one is one of my favorite things to EAT and a symbol for me that summer is here! Blue mouth is watering!

 The last is a painting by the artist Jim Buckles called "Saturnella", I thought it looked like a warm sultry summery evening.