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Wet 100

A look back at 100 consecutive weeks
of the Week-End Theme

Weekend:  The end of the week; the period from Friday night or Saturday to Monday Morning

Theme:  A subject of discourse or discussion; a subject or topic on which a person writes

So much for the dictionary meaning.  If you've participated in the Stationery Newsgroups or the WET, you'll know that both terms above are used rather loosely:  the "Weekend" frequently starts on Wednesday and lasts until Monday; the "Theme" is often a collection of images with no discernable unifying element or theme.

The semantics of the name are unimportant however, the theme on any given weekend is the same as it is every week:  people getting together in an open sharing knowledge, skills and techniques.  Far from being a contest, the WET represents people at their best, willing to share and impart knowledge to others.  As well, the WET acts as a friendly and inviting way to introduce newcomers to the art of Stationery.  Many people who began by participating in the WET have become hooked and are now prolific Stationery Designers.

As we pass this important WET milestone, I thought it would be a good idea to interview some of the people who created the WET and helped it to become what it is today.  Presented below are the responses I received from some of the first wet posters, as well as thumbnails of the images that they chose.

Dianne (Dskag) - Originator of the WET:

It's rather unbelievable to me that a simple idea that popped into my head one afternoon could have grown in the proportions that it has since January, 1998.  I understand there are many groups who now have adopted their own versions of the WET.

I was a novice in the Outlook Express Stationery group.  I had been lurking since October of 1997, when the group was in it's infancy.  I started posting in December of 1997 and was warmly welcomed into the fold and patiently taught this art as newcomers still are today.  I remember that someone posted a beautiful stationery. (I believe it was our dear departed "Purpleplum".)  Another member did an interpretation of the same piece and I responded by saying, "Wouldn't it be fun if we all did our own version of the same theme?"  The group responded positively to the idea, so I posted the "OK, let's do it" message which contained the outline of the idea and a few "ground rules".  [Click to see the original message]

It is so gratifying to see a simple idea grow so rapidly and engender so much creativity in the group.  The WET has grown and changed over this 100 weeks.  Some changes may not be equally welcomed by all, but growth and change are good in this context.  It means that the WET is a vital thing.  With all the changes (e.g. multiple choice images, various names in other groups, etc), the basic premise has remained the same; the WET is a showcase for the abundant creativity in these groups.  It is not and never was intended to be a competition and I am so happy that this has remained true all along.

Keep on creating and having fun!

Dianne Kagay

Redlace - WET 4:

The WET began with one idea and over the past two years has spawned thousands of ideas.  The range of imagination, creativity and skill amazed me from the beginning.  The WET prompted lurkers and regulars alike to ask "How did you do that?"  That is probably the most commonly asked and answered question. 

Where has the WET been?  All over the world and back again.

Where is it going?  It's only limited by our imaginations.

My favorite WET's?  The funny ones.  *<:o)
Why did I choose the "Rainbow Falls" photo?  The moment I saw it on a friend's desk...I just knew it was the one.

What did I learn from the WET?  Some assembly required.  :)

John Wilson - WET 8:

WOW....It has almost been 2 years since Dianne started it all..... from that time on I have enjoyed seeing all the creations from members of various ng's.  I enjoyed doing them mostly because it made me explore the different features of the paint program. I would normally put a humorous twist to most of them and hope to get a chuckle but didn't for my own WET....odd that...LOL

At first there was one image....don't know....seem to like the idea of one image best... as time went on  and things  were done with scripting and as the group progressed I can see where multiple images were required...

The future of the WET....hmmm  well I think it will be around as long as people are willing to participate, do not take it too seriously and experiment, experiment, experiment... many  times I have had my trash bin full of masterpieces and then said "who cares, post it"....LOL

Although I did enjoy the humorous creations most, I did respect the efforts and talents of the more serious artists.... the effects that were achieved by them and there willing to share how they created these effects were paramount in the continuation of the WET.

My first WET was an obvious choice for me....the Burrard St. Bridge, Vancouver. The city where I reside <bg>. The group ran the whole gamut with this name it, it was done. I sent a lot of the creations to the photographer that took the picture (who happens to be a colleague) and he was awestruck by all the creations.

The WET has not lost its novelty for me.

John : )

Ted Brewer - Originator of the Retrospect:

I originally got the idea of a retrospective when I submitted a post in early March 1998, showing the pictures from the last 5 or 6 weeks of the WET.  My ISP offered 5mb free web space that I wasn't using.  I knew that a weekly post of all of the previous WETs would soon get way too large, so I
set up Retrospect.  I think the first site url was

Probably standing for outlook express stationary news group.  Anyway, I soon realized that was not very easy to remember, so I renamed it Retrospect.  It started out with frames, but that soon turned out to be too difficult to manage, so I re-designed the entire site.  That design was in place when you took over.

In order to keep the site updated on a timely basis, I got in the habit of watching for the passing of the torch post, to get the name of the next host/hostess.  I was then able to make the additions to the web page that I kept on disk.  Then starting on Wed, I kept watching for the next submission, saving it and doing what I had to to get ready to publish. After checking the pages, 10 ways from sunday, I posted a note to the ng
that Retrospect had been updated.

When I started adding some of my own creations, I started running out of room, so I had to pull back some of the original pictures that I then stored on my hd, and set up a system by which the readers could e-mail me for a copy of the picture.

In March 1999, I felt that I could no longer maintain the site, because of the constraints of time, money, health, etc.  So, I asked for volunteers, and you, Sven, came to the rescue.

I have enjoyed participating in this experience.  The knowledge that I have gained is incalculable.  I don't spend near as much time in the ng as I once did, so there are quite a few people that are new to me.  I do, however, still like to post as is evidenced by my recent ASF posts.

I firmly believe, that for the WET to continue as a viable entity, we should do as much as we can to promote the "IDEA" of the WET.  That is, to take a theme, and, using our own thoughts and ideas, present that theme as Stationery.

Don Brown - Movie: 100 Wets

The finished movie can be seen by clicking the link below.  There is no sound.
This will only work well if you have a 28,800 or better baud rate connection to the internet

This project fell way short of my original idea; filesize quickly became unmanageable and it ended up being almost 2 megs....but, it was fun making the asf file and learning more about windows media author in the process.